Student ministry

At New City we are imperfect people, being courageous, believing in the power of Jesus to make all things new. For our student ministry (grades 6-12) this means calling every student to courageous faith. We want every student to trust in the capacity of Jesus to bring renewal to all things in their homes, school, and city.

Our Student Ministry gatherings are fun, full of community, and mission focused. We offer times for Middle and High school students to gather weekly. These times are always friendly and welcoming for any first time visitor.

For more information about student ministries please email Rodger Rushing at


Adjusting to Middle School is hard. We recognize that there is a unique time between 5th and 6th grade where special attention is needed. That’s why we offer a 5th and 6th grade class on Sunday mornings in the student room. This class is fun and engaging, while carrying forward a mission centered vibe suitable for students during this “in-between” stage of life.


REVive 21
In Revelation 21 we read about the ultimate reviving of everything through the renewal work  of Jesus. Every Sunday night from 5-7pm our 6-12 grade students take over our church facility. It’s a fun community environment centered on the hope of Jesus’ renewal work. Students gather in age appropriate groups where they have the opportunity to talk about their faith, be prayed for, and to be known by name.


The Collective
There are over 20 local churches that have partnered together for Student Ministry events throughout the year. The Collective is a way for smaller churches to gather together for events that they might not otherwise be able to provide for students. These events are a great way for students to hang-out and get to know students from around the city in a fun, relaxed environment. There are also yearly retreats and conferences that the Collective students are invited to be a part of.