following Jesus, on mission, in community | January 8

Series – following Jesus | on mission | in community

SummaryFollowing Jesus: At New City we are following Jesus on his mission in community. A follower of Jesus is someone who submits to the way of Jesus in every area of life with increasing measure. 
On Mission: New City does not aspire to be the best church in Albuquerque, but to be the best church for Albuquerque. We love our city and engage the city on mission. We believe that being on mission is not a matter of what we do to people; it is what we do with people.
In Community: Our primary organizing principle is that of a family. Because we are a family, we have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week, throughout the city, each with spiritual moms and dads training spiritual children to one day go out and be spiritual parents themselves.

CG Guide - Following Jesus | Week 1