Abiel Diaz

the table | week 5 | luke 22:7-23

Series – the Table

Summary: Perhaps the most miraculous thing that Jesus has done is the most ordinary. Jesus “has come eating and drinking.” (Luke 7:34–35) Of Luke’s gospel it has been said that Jesus is either going to a meal, eating a meal, or leaving a meal. In Jesus’ life, the best demonstration of the restoration he brings is eating and drinking. God is restoring a world that is lost and broken by sin. He is making all things new. What portrait does God paint of the renewal that he brings? It’s a wedding feast. God restores the world by gathering the broken around his table in order to be restored to a perfect family meal in the life to come. 

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slaves no more: exodus | week 4

exodus 12:1-12 | by abiel diaz | may 24, 2015

Series – Slaves No More

Summary: In Exodus salvation is defined as a rescue from slavery. Slavery is being in service to or worshiping something other than God. Anything that you must have to feel good about you, you are a slave to. The only way to be freed from slavery is to worship a God who is worthy. Every time Moses asks for Pharaoh to let God’s people go, it is for the purpose of worshiping God. Worship is freedom