You are invited to New City on Christmas Eve!

christmas 18

You are invited to celebrate Christmas Eve at New City at 2:30, 4:00, or 5:30pm. 

Our theme this Christmas season is the thrill of hope. But what exactly is so thrilling about hope? Sometimes the shadow of hopelessness is so oppressive, so real, and so in-your-face, that hope feels impossible.

Christmas, however, gives us the greatest reason to hope. Because there is a kind of hope that’s not based on an emotion or a feeling. This hope isn’t optimism. It isn’t wishful thinking. It isn’t pie-in-the-sky.

True Hope was born in a manger. True Hope created the expanse of the galaxies. But then became an infant in Bethlehem to live with us as one of us. This real and lasting hope is Jesus, a God-person who lived perfectly in our place, took the punishment we deserve, and is alive again at work making all things new.

This kind of hope can fill the cracks of despair. It can shine into even the darkest of situations.

Even when there seems to be no reason to hope,
we hope against hope because of the object of our hope:
the person Jesus Christ.

Another thrilling thing about this hope is that it isn’t only for us. When Christians truly have this hope within them, they can’t help but want to give it away. This Christmas season at New City, we’ll be challenging you to give the hope of Jesus away to others.

Join us this Christmas Eve for a candlelight service to celebrate the hope that Jesus brings!


There is additional parking behind our facility.