thanksgiving food drive

Impact our community in a big way by inviting your neighborhood or office to participate in a
community-wide food drive to benefit families at Mission Avenue Elementary School. Most people want to help others, but they don’t know how. We want to be a conduit for people to help others in need.

here’s how it works

  • This Sunday, grab a stack of bags provided.
  • Identify five houses/apartments in your neighborhood. You could also hand out bags to people at your office or to your friends and family.
  • We have provided you with grocery bags and fliers that you will hang on your neighbor’s front door early in the week; preferably Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.
  • Please fill out the blanks at the bottom of the flier:
    • When: (you pick the day)
    • Pick-up time: (you pick the time when you or your family will pick up the donations)
    • I can be reached at: (leave your neighbor a number to reach you in case they have questions)
    • From: (please print your name or place an address label in this spot)
  • If your neighbor would like to participate in the food drive, they will leave their non-perishable items in the grocery bag outside their front door to be picked up on the day you determined.

please note

  • You will pick up bags. (If a grocery bag is not outside the front door, please do not disturb your neighbors.)
  • Not every neighbor is in the position to participate, and that is okay.
  • After collecting the grocery bags, please bring the donated food items to New City on or before November 13.
  • Do not put anything on or in your neighbor’s mailbox.
  • If your neighbor is out of town or a house is vacant, please do not leave the bag on their door.
  • Participating in this food drive is a great way to meet your neighbors and co-workers. Use this as an opportunity to create community as you help our Mission Avenue Elementary School family.