Shine | Holiday Food Drive


Community Wide Food Drive

Impact our community in a big way by inviting your neighborhood, workplace, sports team, or family to participate in a community-wide Food Drive. This will benefit families at Mission Avenue Elementary and is an easy way to help others, here’s how it works:

  • We have provided food lists. These items are meant to assist a family with breakfast and lunch during the Thanksgiving and Winter Break when typically their children would be eating two meals per day at school. 

  • Grab a stack of bags provided, or print the list from our website. Identify five people you would like to invite to participate. These could be neighbors, people in your office, child’s sports team, scout troop, or family. 

  • Decide when and where you will collect the donations, and then fill in the blanks at the bottom of the list that is attached to the grocery bag.

  • You will ask them to participate, distribute lists to them and arrange for pick up of the donations! Remember, many people want to get involved but do not know how or where.  

  • If they would like to participate in the food drive, they will leave their non-perishable items in a grocery bag outside their front door or designated spot to be picked up on the day you determine. 

  • After collecting the grocery bags, please bring the donated food items to New City by Sunday, November 11.

A few reminders:

- Do not put anything on or in your neighbor’s mailbox. If your neighbor is out of town or a house is vacant, please do not leave the bag on their door. 

- Please note: You will pick up donations. If a grocery bag is not outside the front door, please do not disturb your neighbors. Not everyone is in the position to participate, and that is okay!

- Participating in this food drive can be a fun way to meet your neighbors and co-workers. This is a great opportunity to create community as you help families at Mission Avenue! 

Thanksgiving Meals 

We are also providing hot meals to families; if you prefer to give a monetary donation $40 will give a family of four a hot meal. You can give online or in the offering.

School Break Food Distribution 

Items collected will be boxed and distributed to families on Friday, November 16th and Friday, December 21st at Mission Avenue Elementary. Volunteers are needed to help make this happen!