seminar: visionary parenting | november 22

Many of us find ourselves treading through the daily difficulties of parenting, hoping we won't screw our kids up or hoping it's not too late. We have a rough idea of how we would like them to turn out: we want them to love and follow God and be functioning members of society. But it's easy to lose sight of those goals when you're in a season of dealing with constant tantrums, potty training accidents,  and whining of toddlers to rebellious hearts and actions of teenagers. Many times, the day-to-day struggles are given meaning and purpose when they fit into a future purpose or vision.

On November 22, we will be hosting a video parenting seminar with Dr. Rob Rienow of Visionary Parenting: Capture a God-Sized Vision for Your Family. The seminar will be from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and is free of charge. Child care will be provided as well as drinks and refreshments.

This seminar will address topics such as God's grand vision for the home, a God-filled normal life, family worship, and discipline that disciples.  There will be 3 video sessions, each followed by breakout discussions where we can interact with the material being presented.

At New City, we place a high value on parenting and the spiritual development of our children. This will be a great morning of encouragement and vision. You won't want to miss it! If you plan to attend this event, you can sign up online here.