Ascent | Bible Reading Guide

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Don’t just read the Bible, let the Bible read you.

1. Pray - Ask God for insight and understanding. (1 Corinthians 2:10-12)
2. Read - Read with a pen in hand. Do not hesitate on things you don’t understand.
Read whole thoughts to their completion.
3. Think - Go to things you understand first and ask questions. Then, go to the challenging ideas that are hard to grasp, and ask questions. Do not be afraid to write in your Bible.
4. Journal - Record your first impressions. Explore the ideas with graphs,
drawings, or by writing the text out long hand.
5. Act - Do not merely read to understand; read to be changed. What do you need to do because of the truths you have just read? Commit to an action, write it down, and then do it. (James 1:22)
6. Pray - Ask for humility in understanding and the grace to apply God’s truths in your life.

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