Everyone matters.  Every life was meant for a purpose.  At New City we believe that there is something spiritual happening in our world.  Each week we look to the Bible for our spiritual direction.  In a non-religious way we talk about spiritual things.  We talk about how we can make our lives count.  That’s why serve our city.  We believe that we were made to make this world better.

Because everyone matters to God, we are inviting you to spend 3 hours on a Saturday with the goal of inviting thousands of people to New City.  We have no idea who will respond to this invitation, but we want to be sure everyone has opportunity to connect to God at New City.

On Saturdays, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12 we will be sending out teams to pass out door hangers around our city.  This is a real practical way to share the story of God with others. Click here to let us know you want to help.