No Perfect People Allowed

perfect2 in post
perfect2 in post

No perfect people are allowed at New City Christian Church.

Whether you show up wearing a tattoo or a tie, sporting a mohawk or a mullet, driving a minivan or a motorcycle, you’ll be welcome at New City.  It’’s a place for messy singles, messy couples, and messy families.

Would you fit in?

Well, if you are spiritually curious or committed, looking for life purpose and meaning, trying to figure out how spirituality and real life intersect, or just trying to find some real relationships, the chances are you will fit in. We don’’t have it all together, and we don’’t expect you to have it all together either. We do take our faith seriously though. People who may have given up on church, but have not yet given up on God will find a safe place to question and grow.

At New City we love people. Not perfect people, just people.