New City Groups

Email if you would like to join a New City Group.

New City Groups are for everyone, and anyone can start a New City Group.  The primary purpose of New City Groups is to connect people with God, each other, and a cause.  Typically a New City Group meets weekly or bi-monthly to discuss the weekly Sunday morning message.  However, groups may meet for a variety of reasons.  There are many potential catalysts that may generate a New City Group, but every group must have an answer to this question: “How will my group bring Heaven to Earth?”  In other words, “What good thing does my group exist to do?”

Here are three key areas in which groups are formed:

  • Activity centered groups – groups that meet around an activity like mountain biking, the arts, or another hobby.
  • Bible centered groups – groups that meet to study the Bible.  Typically these groups study the topic of the weekend teaching more closely.
  • Cause centered groups – groups that meet to address a cause such as education, poverty, or AIDS.

Groups will be forming all over the city.  Please consider starting and leading a group yourself.  Follow the steps on the New City Group Formation Form, and we will help you start a New City Group.

New City Group Formation Form