men's ministry event recap

guest post by Larry Lee

On the last Saturday in October, we gather to take firewood to Pastor Tully on the Navajo reservation. Local churches have been taking turns hauling firewood out to Pastor Tully for several years. This time it’s a group of men from New City.

Burning wood is a fundamental part of life on the Navajo reservation. Families heat their homes, boil their water, and cook with the wood. As Winter approaches, the need for firewood grows. It is a simple and core need for the Navajo people.

Some of the men know each other, and some are new. As we glove-up and begin loading the wood, those differences fade and we all get to know each other better. Some scratches and dirt lead to remarks of how, “we have proof we are really working now.”

We convoy out to the reservation and meet Pastor Tully Butler at Cedar Hill Church. He wants to deliver the wood to various residences over the next week and he asks us to transfer the wood directly onto his trailer.  We then spend some time splitting the wood that other partners have previously delivered to Cedar Hill.  All of this wood will be delivered by Pastor Tulley throughout the Winter.

We visit with Pastor Tully and his family. They faithfully serve the Lord and we hear about the unique challenges they face as both Navajo and Christians. What a privilege to pray alongside them and encourage them.

As we drive back to Albuquerque, we reflect on what’s been seen and heard. This core need being met serves as a platform for friendship between cultures, churches and individuals. All would would agree they were encouraged and see a glimpse of true togetherness. (Hebrews 10:24-25).