MAGI Project

MAGI Project

As most of you remember, New City had the privilege of sending Ryan and Sandy True to be full time missionaries in the Dominican Republic just a couple of months ago. One of the projects that is done every year at their mission is a carnival where the impoverished children they work with receive a shoe box filled with goodies as a Christmas gift. For many, this is the only gift they will receive and the carnival is something the kids are already talking about. 

Kids' City will be working in October to fill shoe boxes and ensure that every child at the carnival has a gift for Christmas this year. Our goal is to fill 100 boxes to send from New City to the True's in the Dominican Republic. We are asking that everyone at New City consider filling at least 1 box to help Kids' City reach that goal. Here's what you do:

1. Select the age and gender of the child you would like to support.

2. Purchase a shoe sized clear plastic box. 

3. Pack your box with age and gender appropriate gift items worth $20-$25.

4. Return the box to the collection table before October 26 (see the Magi Box flyer here regarding what to purchase)

OR simply place your donation for $25 in the offering box or online (designated to the Magi Box) and we will fill the box for you.