Joining God's Family | October 13, 2013

Joining God’s Family | October 13 | 5-7PM  (Location TBD)

Joining God’s Family is a powerful and fun FAMILY workshop for kids in elementary and middle school and their parents. The goal of this workshop is to assist families in talking about how to become part of God’s eternal story.  Families will walk through big faith topics in a memorable format that is deep but lots of fun. Families who feel their children may be ready to make a faith decision and be baptized are encouraged to attend.

Studies show that elementary and mid-high ages are a significant time of spiritual development.  Parents are the spiritual leaders in their homes, this workshop will equip and encourage parents to share the gospel and lead their kids to a relationship with Jesus.  Together we will cover the topic of substitutionary atonement (Jesus took my place on the cross), sin, repentance, grace, transformation, baptism, and communion.

Family Birthday Party | October 27 | 5-7PM (Location TBD)

Children who make a faith decision and are ready to be baptized will attend the “Family birthday party.” The Bible says that there is a celebration in Heaven when someone comes to faith. In our goal to build God’s kingdom on earth we will do the same thing. Throw a party! Throw a huge party! This is the best reason to celebrate that ever was.  This will be an event to invite friends, parents, neighbors, grandparents, and anyone who can come to join the party. This will be a public baptism event to make a public statement.

You can sign up to be a part of the Joining God's Family Workshop here.