Give Easter Away

Tell your story in the comments below.

On Palm Sunday, April 17 we gave every person in attendance at New City a $15 gift card to Walmart. Everyone in attendance was challenged to add more money to the card and give it to someone in need. We are giving Easter away.

Easter is the celebration of the gift of life that God gives us through Jesus and his resurrection.  Christianity was founded on a gift.  If we as Christians (followers of Christ) are not giving, there is something wrong at the core of our faith. We must give ourselves away because Jesus gave himself away for us.  As a church this meant giving away a Sunday's offering.  Each gift card given away on Palm Sunday was purchased with our offering on Sunday, April 3.

We want to hear your giving story.  Share your story in the comments below, and let us know how you gave your free gift away this week.  If you received a gift, we want to hear your story too.