Flourish: Women's Gathering | January 25

Flourish Women's Ministry's next large group gathering  is scheduled for Saturday, January 25 at 5pm in the conference room of the Flying Star downtown at 723 Silver Ave. NE. Today's women face unrealistic expectations, and we're bombarded with unrealistic images every day, making us more and more insecure. As women, we can be insecure about everything from our looks to our worth as women, from our relationships to our futures, and everything else in between. Insecurity makes us miserable, cripples us, and makes us feel worthless. But it doesn't have to be this way! It's time to become the best friends, sisters, wives, mothers, and daughters that we can possibly be, not through our own effort, but through the security we can have in Jesus. Join the women of New City for a great evening as we say goodbye to insecurity. Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided. Invite a friend! Signup online here: Flourish: Women's Gathering | Jan. 25.