engage recap | fall 2016

Recently, New City gathered early on a Saturday morning.  You see, we believe that we are called to more than a Sunday morning faith.  We believe that Jesus has both called and sent us to engage our neighbors and our city. 
We gathered to spend time being the good news to our city when there are lots of reasons to otherwise be bogged down by the bad news stories currently playing out in Albuquerque.  It is not all gloom, there are some fantastic people doing a necessary work.  New City loves to find those people or organizations and ask the question, “how can we help?”
Love INC partners with local churches and agencies in Albuquerque. They screen and refer those in need to the best organization to meet the need. New City was able to help with some promotion for their fall fundraiser.  The team trekked all over the Nob Hill area meeting interesting people, telling them about Love INC and making businesses aware of opportunities to partner further.  
Beds4Kids collects and distributes beds to NM families.  Sounds so simple... but just think for a second how sleep impacts our total wellbeing and cognitive abilities.  It was pretty saddening  to hear stories of entire families sleeping on the floor in their homes.  Along with many others, we were able to deliver enough beds to help 115 people sleep better and to spend time engaging them in conversation and prayer.  We were also able to connect families to other local resources and churches. 
The New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department oversees nearly 1000 children in the foster care system in our county.  These are children who for a variety of reasons, are unable to live with their families.  These children and families are reunited briefly in the CYFD facility by court order.  We spent the morning deep cleaning the visitation rooms and passing out some small gifts to the CYFD staff.  We hoped to bring a little joy and relief to a sadly overworked organization. 
Our hope in all of these projects is develop long term partnerships with a common goal of changing our community for the better.  New City humbly serves with a Gospel motivation knowing that Jesus loves our city and its people and we are called to love in the same way.