Eldership @ New City

On Sunday we announced three candidates for eldership. The following is an outline of what is required to be an elder at New City. In addition to this list below you'll see a few links that might be helpful for you as you seek to understand the call to eldership. We will be commissioning all approved elders on Sunday, September 8.

  1. An elder must meet the 24 qualifications from 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9.
  2. An elder must submit to a year long candidacy program. First Timothy 3:10, in referring to deacons, says that they must “first be tested.” The candidacy for deacons and elders is a time of testing.
  3. Another way a candidate is tested at New City is at the end of the process; the candidates are announced to the church and the church has a 30 day period during which they can acknowledge any biblical objection that might prohibit a candidate from becoming an elder.
  4. A man interested in candidacy must apply to be an elder. This is also another form of testing an elder. Before applying to be an elder, a prayerful consideration should be given to the qualifications for eldership and we recommend reading Alexander Strauch’s book titled Biblical Eldership.