easter big give | april 5, 2015

We want to be radically generous at New City because we believe our generosity is a reaction to Jesus’ radically generous gift to us of his death on the cross. For the past five years, we have practiced this generosity through giving away our Easter offering. 

This year our Easter offering will go to support the planting of a Spanish-speaking church by Abiel and Emily Diaz in the International District of Albuquerque and Shine Club at Mission Avenue Elementary. 

Abiel and Emily Diaz joined New City a year ago, and Abiel serves on staff as a Leadership Resident. New City plans to partner with them to plant a Spanish-speaking church here in Albuquerque near the International District. In November they went through a church planter assessment with Nexus Church Planting and received Nexus’s approval and partnership. Abiel and Emily currently meet weekly in their home with a community group that is becoming a launch team. The next step will be holding monthly worship services as they gather funding, formally establish the church, and continue to seek Jesus’ vision for Latinos in our city. 

Shine Club is a character and academic development program at Mission Avenue Elementary. At Shine Club, students are celebrated, challenged, and encouraged to become students of character who care about their academic futures. The program has been meeting at Mission Avenue Elementary twice each month after school since fall 2014 and has 35 K-5th grade students consistently attending.