community-wide food drive

food mart 17.jpg

Impact our community in a big way by inviting your neighborhood or office to participate in a community- wide Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit families at Mission Ave. Elementary. Most people want to help others, but they don’t know how. This is an easy way! Here’s how it works:

  • Grab a stack of bags provided. Identify five people in your neighborhood, office, or family.
  • Early in the week, please fill out the blanks at the bottom of the flier with: day, pick up time, your name and phone number.

  • If they would like to participate in the food drive, they will leave their non-perishable items in the grocery bag outside their front door to be picked up on the day you determine.

  • Please note: You will pick up bags. (If a grocery bag is not outside the front door, please do not disturb your neighbors. Not everyone is in the position to participate, and that is okay!)

  • After collecting the grocery bags, please bring the donated food items to New City by Sunday, November 12.

  • Do not put anything on or in your neighbor’s mailbox. If your neighbor is out of town or a house is vacant, please do not leave the bag on their door.

    Participating in this food drive can be a fun way to meet your neighbors and co-workers. This is a great opportunity to create community as you help families at Mission Ave have a Happy Thanksgiving.