church-wide fast day | february 15


Below is a short guide to help walk you through your prayer time:

  1. In Mathew 6, Jesus teaches us to pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Take a few moments to pray that prayer. Pray that God’s will be done…

in your home as in heaven.

in our church as in heaven.

in your neighborhood as in heaven.

in Albuquerque as in heaven.

2.  In Revelation 21 we see Christ making all things new. Prayerfully consider how Jesus has brought renewal to your life. Ask God to show you parts of your life that need to be made new.

3. Who in your circle of influence are you praying for to experience the renewal that Christ has brought you? Sit for moment in prayer and ask God to lay someone on your heart. Pray for that person or people.

4.In John 17 Jesus prays for the unity of believers. Pray for the unity of churches in Albuquerque. Pray also for the ways that God is using New City to help foster unity among communities of believers in our city.

Pray for Shine

Pray for Ciudad de Gracia

Pray for the Collective (student ministry)

5. Take a moment to pray for God’s continued work of renewal at and through New City.

Pray for our church leadership

Pray for the resources to expand our ministry to children and teens including the possibility of adding on to our facility

Pray that people’s lives will be changed, that people will be saved and that they will find new life in Jesus this year at New City

Pray for our volunteers

Pray that God will give us big visions of practical renewal in our city

6. Finally, pray that God would cause you to hunger and thirst after him and that God would use these next few weeks to reveal himself to you in new ways.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I fast?

A: In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said “when you pray” and “when you give” and “when you fast”. He did not say “if” but “when”. He assumes this to be a spiritual practice of believers. As you step out in faith and practice prayer and fasting you will find your relationship with God to be more intimate.

Q: What are some possible ways to fast?

A: Ideally, fast from food. Here are a few types of fasts:        

a)  A regular fast: Fast from all food, drinking only water or liquids without calories.
b)  A liquid fast: Fast from solid foods and drink only light liquids.
c)  A partial fast: Fast from tasty foods and choose only vegetables or possibly a little fruit. This is a good fast for those with blood sugar issues.
d)  A Benedictine fast: Fast by eating only one light meal a day, usually the evening meal, and usually only simple foods.

Q: Can I fast from things other than food?

A: Food is the traditional choice. However, it is certainly perfectly appropriate to fast from all forms of media (TV, computer games, internet, electronic devices, newspapers, magazines, and books other than Bible). Fasting from shopping and related activities would also be a possibility. You have the freedom to be creative.

Q: What can I drink while I fast?

A: You may continue to drink water, coffee and tea. Avoid drinks with sweeteners and calories.

Q: What do I do when I’m served a meal that would go against my fast?

A: If you are fasting while carrying out your regular daily routine this may come up. First, try and schedule your day and meetings around your fast. If you know you are meeting someone, plan not to have it based around a meal. For those times when you are in a situation and are served food, you can politely decline. If they insist you eat, share with them that you are fasting. This may open up an opportunity to share your faith.

Q: What if I forget to pray? Does my fast still ‘work’?

A: When you are fasting it is unlikely you will forget to pray for long because your body will be insisting you eat. This hunger is an alarm reminding you to pray because you desire the answer to prayer more than you do food.