Have you ever thought of human beings as pieces of art? Have you ever examined the perfection of an eye, the individualism of a fingerprint, the intricacy of one strand of DNA? God created a world to reflect his glory with humanity being the pinnacle, the magnum opus, of that creation.

God designed the canvas of our lives, but we can all be guilty of grabbing our own paints and scribbling over his design for our lives. Unfortunately, the scars of fear, guilt, and shame leave their marks on our life’s canvas and can prevent us from becoming who God has created us to be. During this series we are going talk about how God heals the deepest scars on or life's canvas.

We get it.  A life's canvas can get a little messy.  Join us at New City, where no perfect people are allowed.

Canvas is a new series at New City starting February 24.