baptism classes | October 25 | 5pm

Baptism classes will be offered for adults and children on the evening of October 25 at 5 pm.   Sign up for the adult class. For more information, email 

For the kids, "Joining God's Family" is an informative and fun FAMILY workshop for kids of a believing age AND their parents. The goal of this workshop is to assist families in talking about how to become part of God's eternal sorry. Families will walk through big faith topics in a memorable format that is deep but lots of fun. This workshop will equip and encourage parents to share the gospel and lead their children to a relationship with Jesus. Together, we will cover the topics of substitutionary atonement, sin, repentance, grace, transformation, baptism, and communion. Families who feel their children may be ready to make a faith decision and be baptized are encouraged to attend. Sign up for the children's class.