a prayer of forgiveness


Listen to the message on forgiveness before reading this!

If you’ve been around New City for even a small amount of time, you know our mission is be God’s conduit in his work to make all things new.

I have a passion for partnering with Jesus to bring renewal to Albuquerque. I see brokenness, poverty, injustice. And it is not OK with me. I have to take action. So much of my personal ministry, career, and family life revolve around this idea of reconciliation.

However, I don’t think I’ve been as effective in this ministry of reconciliation in our city as I could be because I’ve had a lack of reconciliation in my personal life. In other words, there are some people I have been holding resentment toward, and I hadn’t forgiven them.

Truth be told, they did not deserve forgiveness. They did some pretty lousy things. But then I certainly do not deserve for Jesus to die for me or forgive me either.

Forgiveness is not about deservedness. Forgiveness is about freedom.

I believe that when I chose to forgive, something holding me back in the spiritual realm was released. I truly do feel a lightness and a freedom that wasn’t there before.

A mentor of mine prayed this prayer with me as part of the forgiveness process. I recommend praying this aloud with another person who loves Jesus, is discerning, and has been walking with God a long time. I recommend naming the offense of the person you’re forgiving.

These aren’t magic words or anything. It’s the authenticity behind what you say and the power of Jesus that brings healing.

Dear Heavenly Father, It is my choice today to forgive (say name) for the offense which he/she brought against me (describe offense briefly). I forgive him/her unconditionally for the things done that brought hurt in my life.
I drop every charge (accusation) which I have brought against him/her and give up the right to ever charge him/her again for this offense.  (No more talking about it.)
I cancel every judgment I have made against him/her. (List any judgments made.)
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I release him/ her from all the responsibility for the hurt that his/her behavior provoked in me. Instead, I assume responsibility for choosing to be offended and unforgiving. (My reaction is not his/her fault.)
Heavenly Father, I drop every charge I've had against you for letting this happen to me. Please forgive me for any way that I have blamed you.
I drop every charge I've imposed on myself—for every wrong attitude, action or reaction.
Heavenly Father, to the extent that I have forgiven (say name) for the hurt I have experienced, please forgive me for my choice to be bitter, angry and unforgiving.
Holy Spirit, please come and heal my thoughts, my emotions, and my memories from all the damage and defilement caused by my unforgiveness.

Thank You, Father, for my healing.