baby dedications | june 23


Children are a gift from God. Dedicating your child gives you the opportunity to make a commitment before the Lord and the church to submit your child to God and to raise them according to His ways. Baby dedications also allow the church to pray with you for grace and wisdom while your carry out your parenting responsibilities. If you are interested in participating in this special service sign up HERE!

New City Fest | June 2

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On Sunday, June 2, at the Los Ranchos Community Barn, all of New City will gather for an 11am church service. Then we will have hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs for lunch followed by music, games, and tons of fun! Please plan to bring some chips, fruit, or veggies to share. Invite your friends and family to join you and feel free to bring chairs and blankets to sit on.


Student Ministry | Summer Conferences


We want every student (grades 6-12) who wants to attend the CIY Move or Mix Conferences to be able to afford to do so. We will be hosting a.... Car-Wash-a-Thon! Students will be providing a free car wash for the community on June 1, and are asking for pledges for each car washed (up to 100 cars). So, if a person pledges 25 cents per car, they will pay the student $25. We are asking for your help:


MOVE | High School Students

At MOVE 2019 High School students will learn:

$350 per person. Register by May 19. Money is due by June 16.

Durango, CO | June 24-29


MIX | Middle School Students

In 2019, CIY MIX will invite students to dive into the life of Elijah and learn what it means to continue standing up for God in a world that denies Him, to continue pressing on when all seems lost and to continue the call from God that has been given to each of His children since the dawn of time.

$375 per person. Register by May 19. Money is due by June 16.

Glorieta, NM | July 31-August 4

engage: serve the city | may 4


Serve the City is an opportunity to courageously be part of the renewal work God is doing in our city! Along with other local churches and organizations we will be mobilizing hundreds of people to serve across our city on Saturday, May 4. Gather your family or friends and plan to join us in the morning or afternoon. You can choose any project that resonates with your heart, skill set, family or schedule.

engage | April 6


We are imperfect people being courageous, believing Jesus has the power to make all things new! This means we are intentional about engaging in our community. Will you join us on Saturday April 6, from 9-12, as we take these opportunities to love our city on mission?

Please let us know what your top choice is for serving! CLICK HERE.

You will receive an email the week of with your assigned project and all the details and info you will need. 

The Harbour Clothing Closet:
The NM Dream Center is providing help and human services to the most vulnerable at risk youth and families in our community. We will be working at their youth drop-in center, The Harbour. We will be facilitating the cleaning and organization of the clothing closet to make it useable for the staff and youth. This will involve general cleaning, folding, organizing. Family Friendly:Yes, kids are welcome to serve alongside parents!

Sister Cities Park Clean Up: 
God has placed us in our neighborhood for a purpose to be part of His good news story. We’ll do a simple clean up in Sister Cities Park, involving raking, removing debris and general clean up. Family Friendly:Yes! Kids can help too!

Neighborhood Prayer Walk:
As we walk through our neighborhood, we will be in prayer for our city, as well as place door hangers at homes, inviting our neighbors to be part of our church family. Family Friendly: Yes, perfect for children in strollers too!

Lent Guide | 2019

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This guide is meant to be used by individuals, families, and/or small groups. It begins with Ash Wednesday (March 6 this year) and ends on Easter Sunday (April 21). For each week of Lent there is both a personal study and a family study to be done with kids. Either study may also be used in community groups or other small groups. Throughout the guide you will also find suggested family activities as well as coloring sheets for children or adults.

Starting Point | March 17


Are you new to New City? Starting Point is a casual, complimentary, catered lunch that will be held at New City on Sunday, March 17 at 12:15pm. It is for those who have recently started attending, and allows you to get to know other new attenders and the ministry staff. You will be introduced to our church and will be provided with ways to get involved. Please RSVP here. We are looking forward to meeting you! 

New Rooted Groups launching! | February 10


Rooted is a 10 week experience that redefines how we live life and view our relationship with God and others, giving context to what it means to be part of something bigger! As you make the commitment to be part of Rooted, you will begin to see God in new ways, allowing you to experience life through community, authenticity and generosity.

Rooted is an interactive experience, which will be facilitated in the context of groups. In the
course of 10 weeks, you will get together weekly with a group to talk about what God has been
revealing to you as you go through the week’s readings, journal entries, and prayer. You will
also learn from one another as the Holy Spirit works to comfort, encourage and guide each
member of your group.

Your group will share three experiences together outside of your group time: prayer, serving and
sharing your story. During the last session, all groups will join together to celebrate how God is

Sunday, February 10th • Rooted Kickoff • 5pm at New City
Between these gatherings, Rooted Groups will meet weekly

on the designated day and time.

Sunday, April 28th • Rooted Celebration • 6:30pm at New City

The cost for Rooted is $15 per person, which includes the study guide and supplies. Scholarships are available. If you are able, please consider donating to provide a scholarship that will allow someone to participate.

This is a 10 week commitment. When you register, you can communicate the options for schedule, location and childcare options that work best for you. We will place you in a group that meets your needs; there will be Rooted groups meeting on most days of the week.

Rooted is open to others, and we encourage you to invite a friend who would benefit from this!
Please have them register, there is a place to note if you’d like to be in a group with a specific

If you are interested in leading a Rooted Group, please follow this process for new leaders:
1) Have attended New City for at least 3 months
2) Fill out the Rooted Group Leader Application HERE
3) Interview with the elders
4) Obtain approval of the elders
5) Attend the Rooted Leader Training on August 5th or August 19th

If you have any questions, please contact Lynette at

engage event | February 9


engage event | february 9 | 8am-12pm

We are intentional about engaging in our community. Will you join us on the morning of February 9. from 8-12, as we take these opportunities to love our city on mission?

We will meet at New City by 8am. Breakfast and coffee will be provided. We will then be sent out to the work projects. You will receive an email before Saturday with all details and info related to your specific project.

If you have a skill or expertise that could help the progress of any of these projects, please contact

new mexico dream center
The NM Dream Center is providing help and human services to the most vulnerable at risk youth and families in our community. We will be working at their youth drop-in center, The Harbour. Read more about NMDC here.

Clothing Closet @ The Harbour
We will be facilitating the cleaning and organization of the clothing closet to make it useable for the staff and youth. This will involve general cleaning, folding, organizing.
Family Friendly: Children are welcome to serve alongside their parents. .

Grounds Beautification @ The Harbour
We will help to clean up the grounds to make the property look and feel welcoming.This will involve general raking, sweeping, removing debris, trash pick up, etc.
Family Friendly: No young children, but youth  to serve at their parents discretion.

saranam family services
Saranam has a mission to empower families to end their homelessness and poverty through housing, education and supportive communities. Read more about Saranam here.

The Family Center @ Saranam
We will be assisting the staff by organizing rooms and storage in their family center. We need people who are good at sorting, organizing and general cleaning.
Family Friendly: Children are welcome to serve alongside their parents.

mission avenue elementary school:

School Garden @ Mission Ave. Elementary
Mission Ave. has a fenced in garden that they use as an outdoor classroom. We will be doing general cleaning and weeding,preparing raised beds for planting, and repairing the irrigation system.
Family Friendly: Yes, children are welcome to serve alongside their parents.

Ascent | Bible Reading Guide

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 12.44.40 PM.png

Don’t just read the Bible, let the Bible read you.

1. Pray - Ask God for insight and understanding. (1 Corinthians 2:10-12)
2. Read - Read with a pen in hand. Do not hesitate on things you don’t understand.
Read whole thoughts to their completion.
3. Think - Go to things you understand first and ask questions. Then, go to the challenging ideas that are hard to grasp, and ask questions. Do not be afraid to write in your Bible.
4. Journal - Record your first impressions. Explore the ideas with graphs,
drawings, or by writing the text out long hand.
5. Act - Do not merely read to understand; read to be changed. What do you need to do because of the truths you have just read? Commit to an action, write it down, and then do it. (James 1:22)
6. Pray - Ask for humility in understanding and the grace to apply God’s truths in your life.

Sermon on the Mount Reading Guide

advent guide | the thrill of hope

CHRISTmas 2018

Advent is the celebration of the first coming of Jesus in humility, and the anxious awaiting of His second coming in the fullness of his glory.

Our Advent series this year is called “The Thrill of Hope”. The season of Advent attempts to capture the thrill of hope even in the midst of hopelessness. There is a spirit of yearning for that which seems almost too good to be true: that there would be some new and unique expression of God’s intention to save a world gone wrong.

Thus Advent both anticipates God’s fresh beginnings for creation in the person of Jesus Christ and, at the same time, celebrates the promise that the same Jesus Christ will return to finish the good work that God has begun. That work is to fully bring about the Kingdom of God and to bring all of creation under his gracious rule.

This guide contains four weeks of material, each with both a study to complete individually as well as a plan to help families talk about the Advent narrative together. The family portions are designed to work for families of all shapes and sizes and do not require extensive preparation. Either portion of the guide can also be used to facilitate discussion within your Community Group, with friends, roommates, or others.

a prayer of forgiveness


Listen to the message on forgiveness before reading this!

If you’ve been around New City for even a small amount of time, you know our mission is be God’s conduit in his work to make all things new.

I have a passion for partnering with Jesus to bring renewal to Albuquerque. I see brokenness, poverty, injustice. And it is not OK with me. I have to take action. So much of my personal ministry, career, and family life revolve around this idea of reconciliation.

However, I don’t think I’ve been as effective in this ministry of reconciliation in our city as I could be because I’ve had a lack of reconciliation in my personal life. In other words, there are some people I have been holding resentment toward, and I hadn’t forgiven them.

Truth be told, they did not deserve forgiveness. They did some pretty lousy things. But then I certainly do not deserve for Jesus to die for me or forgive me either.

Forgiveness is not about deservedness. Forgiveness is about freedom.

I believe that when I chose to forgive, something holding me back in the spiritual realm was released. I truly do feel a lightness and a freedom that wasn’t there before.

A mentor of mine prayed this prayer with me as part of the forgiveness process. I recommend praying this aloud with another person who loves Jesus, is discerning, and has been walking with God a long time. I recommend naming the offense of the person you’re forgiving.

These aren’t magic words or anything. It’s the authenticity behind what you say and the power of Jesus that brings healing.

Dear Heavenly Father, It is my choice today to forgive (say name) for the offense which he/she brought against me (describe offense briefly). I forgive him/her unconditionally for the things done that brought hurt in my life.
I drop every charge (accusation) which I have brought against him/her and give up the right to ever charge him/her again for this offense.  (No more talking about it.)
I cancel every judgment I have made against him/her. (List any judgments made.)
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I release him/ her from all the responsibility for the hurt that his/her behavior provoked in me. Instead, I assume responsibility for choosing to be offended and unforgiving. (My reaction is not his/her fault.)
Heavenly Father, I drop every charge I've had against you for letting this happen to me. Please forgive me for any way that I have blamed you.
I drop every charge I've imposed on myself—for every wrong attitude, action or reaction.
Heavenly Father, to the extent that I have forgiven (say name) for the hurt I have experienced, please forgive me for my choice to be bitter, angry and unforgiving.
Holy Spirit, please come and heal my thoughts, my emotions, and my memories from all the damage and defilement caused by my unforgiveness.

Thank You, Father, for my healing.

gift mart | december 15


Christmas Gift Mart is an event where families are invited to shop and buy gifts while their children participate in holiday games and activities. It is a special time where memories are made and the holiday spirit is shared.

We are asking community members to donate new, unwrapped, $10-$20 children’s toys, suitable for ages 0-12. Please bring your gift donations by Sunday, December 9. The gifts will be sold to families for $2, and all funds raised go back to families in need.
If you have any questions, please contact

This year the Gift Mart will be held at New City Church with the goal that we would invite our neighbors. If you know a family that would be blessed by this, please invite them! We will also be inviting families from Mission Avenue, Chaparral Elementary and the neighborhood around New City Church. We would love you to join us on either Saturday, December 8 (1-2pm) or Sunday, December 9th (1-2pm) as we walk the neighborhood and invite families to Gift Mart.   And if you and your family would like to be a volunteer at Gift Mart, at New City Church, on Saturday, December 15, from 3-5pm…. sign up here: